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MFG Public Innovation Agency for ICT and Media

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As Public Innovation Agency for ICT and Media, MFG Baden-Württemberg has been strengthening Baden-Württemberg as a business location for IT, media and creative industries since 1995. MFG improves regional innovation and competitiveness including the promotion of regional, national and international cooperation. 


MFG focus is on the support of successful entrepreneurship especially in small and medium-sized companies, also connecting them with application-oriented research and public funding programmes. It is also managing the biggest cluster initiative in Baden-Württemberg (Bwcon) and the Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA)

OpenAlps nella nostra regione

MFG is  acting as Open Innovation hub, providing services and trainings to the local stakeholderws. Furthermore MFG will support Open Innovation projects matching business and research players on the Open Alps platform. Finally MFG  is coordinating the transnational cooperation amongst Open Innovation Labs and leading the local lab promoting the collaboration between SMEs, R&TD centers, policy makers and intermediaries based on Open Innovation methods.