Open Alps

The Open-Alps Project

Nine partners from five different European countries are involved in the project with the overall aim to support SMEs in their innovation processes with external partners. OpenAlps is part of EU's Alpine Space Programme and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the participating states. The project has a budget of 2.6 million € and a duration of 3 years (July 2011 - June 2014).

Action overview

The mission of OpenAlps is to bring Open Innovation in SMEs, R&D centres and regional governments. To achieve this goal all partners are involved in the following activities:

  • WP 2 – Project Management: To guarantee the successful implementation of the project all partners are involved in the day-to-day project management and internal communication.
  • WP 3 – Information and publicity: This work package aims to inform and involve all SMEs, R&D centres, universities, stakeholders and policy makers.
  • WP 4 – Analysis of Open Innovation processes: To understand “the state of the art” of the Open Innovation process in all partner regions, the partners administrate questionnaires, interviews to SMEs, R&D centres as well as policy makers. To integrate the surveys DIGEP analyses case studies. Furthermore this work package provides the basis for the planned Open Innovation support services and develops an adequate regional and transnational Open Innovation method.
  • WP 5 – Web-based Platform for Open Innovation: In this work package a web based multilingual platform for the Open Innovation process is developed and implemented. This online marketplace facilitates the collaboration between innovation seekers and solvers. The benefits are: knowledge creations and opportunities for exchange in Open Innovation processes.
  • WP 6 – Support to SMEs on Open Innovation Projects: This work package supports concrete Open Innovation projects by offering SMEs transnational support services. The activities promoted in this work package stimulate cooperation and technology transfer among R&D centres and SMEs. Concrete services are: organisation of Open Innovation Forums, coaching of Open Innovation projects and Open Innovation management trainings.
  • WP 7 – Open Innovation capacity building: To initiate a political process and to achieve sustainability of the project after its ending, all partners: - Establish Open Innovation Labs: in which working groups of local SMEs and R&D organisation develop concrete process and product innovation; - Set up a transnational Open Innovation award: to encourage SMEs to implement Open Innovation in their enterprises; - Organise regionall networking meetings for cluster managers and policy makers.