Mercoledì 16 Aprile 2014

Open Innovation training : a look back at the latest session in France

Let’s have a look back at the 3rd OI training session organized by ARDI Rhône-Alpes that focused on intellectual property matters.

On the 18th February, ARDI organized its 3rd OI Training session in Chasse Sur Rhône (France -69) within the OpenAlps project. About 10 Rhône-Alpes companies gathered to gain a better understanding of what is Open Innovation.

During the session, Bluenove, a specialist in Open Innovation, explained that Open Innovation is foremost a way of thinking and acting: “we are aware of being professionals of change management” When willpower exists, there are about 1000 different ways to start an Open Innovation process by relying on some of the tools and case studies that were presented during the session. This training also included a group exercise that enabled each participant to assess how they handle innovation. Because, even though “innovating… it’s putting yourself in danger”, it’s useful to have tools and to know your strengths and weaknesses before opening up your process.

For instance, a good knowledge about the management of Intellectual Property can help to get over this most common hindrance. Philippe Borne, INPI’s regional delegate, was also in attendance to answer the participants’ questions on this subject. He reminds us that “IP must be a constant thought, always in the stakeholders’ mind. They should never hesitate to invite business oriented IP specialists since the objective here is to do business. Intellectual property must be considered as a mandatory component: a partner with a strong experience in this domain should be seen as a serious guarantee. Meaning, a partner who doesn’t care about this matter should be seen as a red flag. The IP reflex will be more natural as an IP culture will be spread in the company. As a preventive measure, one should therefore sensitize beforehand all innovation stakeholders in the company: R&D, marketing and strategic managers for instance, by calling on INPI’s Intellectual Property pre-diagnostic”.

Another OI training session will be organized in the next coming months. For more information, please contact:
Céline Andrieu-Fleureton
Bureau Europe project manager, ARDI Rhône-Alpes